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This is everything I stand for as a human being

What I feel diversity truly is.

Before you start your vehicle, pause all text/email/social media convos. Arrive to your destination safely. #itcanwait


I just watched this, hypnotized, for a good minute. 

Anonymous said: the one about "spaghetti being forced into my pockets" is fake, right?


Let’s just say that 4chan has a tradition of trolling by telling humiliating stories that involve spaghetti and pockets.

The one where spaghetti fell into my pockets.


[tw: abuse, bullying]

Thin privilege is not having spaghetti meatballs stolen from you and then forced down in your pockets.

I was minding my own business and eating (omg a fat person who eats) when 3 boys came up to me and start calling me all sorts of horrible names (fatty, miss pigface and the list goes on). I tried to ignore them, and it worked until they they saw their bullying didn’t have an effect on me. Then one of them then took my spaghetti out of my hands while the other two forced me up from my chair (I even yelled for help but no one seemed to care that i was being attacked). 

Two of them stood and pushed me back and forth, while the third stood and laughed at me. At this point the third who still held my spaghetti forced it down in my pockets. I tried my hardest to keep calm but I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. After this they pushed me to the ground while laughing and walked away. 

Since that day I have been scared of eating in public and even more scared of meeting my attackers again. I think I have been hit by a depression since the attack and it has been very hard for me to talk about my story.


Someone from /fit/ submitted this to their site and posted about it a few weeks ago.

I guess they accepted it.

If anyone can point me to that post from a few weeks ago, I’d appreciate it.

soldierpixie said: Reminder to check Snopes before believing all the hype about pets being in particular danger on Halloween. "Although no law enforcement agency or animal protection group we contacted could provide statistics about Halloween-related animal killings or abuse, the consensus is that although the incidents of animal abuse may rise slightly around Halloween, it's a year-round problem" So don't panic, your pets will be fine. :) But if it makes you feel better to protect them extra, feel free.

I’m just surprised (and happy) Snopes2 is still around.


"I have a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy. Now I want to learn as many languages as possible so I can teach as many people as possible.""What do you think is the most important thing that people can learn from Buddhism?""Compassion. Everyone suffers and everyone needs happiness."
(Dharamshala, India)
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