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Finger tattoo I got back in April. 
I didn’t really plan this, I just went out and had it done.It may seem stupid to a lot of people but tea is like my rock, it calms me down and helps me think over things. 

Done by Danny at Living Art Tattoo in Gresham, OR!

br00tal alice

This is my 6 tattoo, and my favorite now. The picture was taken right after it was done.
I really love Pokémon, and Charizard is my favorite, ever.
Done by Maurício Lima at Santa Tatuagem - Fortaleza, Brazil.

my tattoo: gay pyramid (because i’m lesbian) and ‘be strong’ because I know… i’m lesbian and this it’s a reason for I must ‘be strong’ and to fight for myself, for my condition, for my life… my pride.


‘Lights will guide you home’ - Coldplay lyrics, with a tiny copy of the tattoo my mum got on my birthday.A while back, I got a feather tattoo done on my 18th birthday. A month later (10th September) I decided to get this done, in tribute of my relationship with my mumma. The lyrics are written in her handwriting, which makes it even more relevant.

Damn, that’s some nice handwriting.

“Here comes the sun” (Sonne - Rammstein); for me this phrase has a great meaning: it is about the energy, the Sun that is within us. 

Love this.

The earth is over 70% water, and the moon affects the tide. Human bodies are over 70% water, how could anyone say the moon doesn’t affect us?Sitting took 3.5 hours at 1603 in Ybor, Florida.I’ve gotten all of my tattoos at 1603, and I very highly recommend them.
The dog apparently gave him a Target discount on tattoos.

this is my tattoo a bird made of birds by paul anthony at spider murphys in san rafael ca. the designer is called jigram and i found it in a book of digital art when i was like 14
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